Healing From Illness - When the Antibiotics Don't Cut It

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash

Contracting a nasty virus is never fun for anyone. When I recently came down with the worst one I have ever experienced in my life, lasting well over a month, I am grateful I had my community of customers who poured into my well-being with their knowledge and applicable solutions.

There is a time and place for modern medicine, and I most certainly relied on them for the course of this difficult illness with two rounds of antibiotics that just didn’t do the trick. However, it was the care and concern of the following Farm To Home customers that made my healing possible and gave me the ability to continue serving each and every one of you who have ordered in the recent weeks.

Elderberry Syrup
from Charlotte Nicole

Elderberry Syrup is absolutely essential when trying to fight off any illness. Nicole Bimber currently sells her custom blend of herbs to make your own from home. Her blend is great tasting and well beyond anything I’ve bought from the health stores.
If you are interested in boosting your own immune system and helping with allergies, you can get your own kit here.

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CBD Oil from Kim Craine

I noticed immediate response to lessening my inflammation and ability to sleep better. Kim can be reached via email at:

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Supplements from Collin Cross
with Genesis BioHealth

Collin is a bio-chemist who has developed and manufactures his own supplements of Magnesium and Regenesis UL, as well as herbal teas. He has been a customer since the beginning of Farm To Home and I am happy to be his customer as well. I am grateful for the Cold & Flu Tea, which calmed my cough and opened my sinuses each night so that I could rest well. Being back on the supplements makes a huge difference each and every day. He also makes his own health and beauty products.

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Photo by  Erol Ahmed  on  Unsplash

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

Champions Acupuncture
with Taili Chou

Taili opened my sinuses after just two sessions as well as improved the congestion in my head and chest. I can’t recommend Taili enough, she went above and beyond by providing me with Chinese herbs as well because of her concern for my well-being.

Jaron Black from Drip Dynamics

Finally, the man who saved my lungs from pneumonia and helped me overcome the last hurdle so that my body could heal. After two sessions of intravenous vitamins, my lungs were cleared 100%, I had a pep in my step and a good dose of antioxidants to clean my system. From only 30 minutes, I gained immediate results, which absolutely astounded me. Jaron is a paramedic for HFD and has a mobile IV Vitamin therapy service.

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I am grateful to all of my customers for your prayers and support, this was by far the most difficult virus and allergy season of my life. With the help of my partners in healthy living, I was able to support my body to overcome what two rounds of antibiotics could not. I hope that you can all benefit from visiting their websites and saving their information, knowing that they were there for me when I needed it the most and can be there for all of you as well.

As we move forward and more viruses and bacterias become resistant to modern medicine, it’s up to us to:

keep our immune systems healthy
nourish our bodies
focus on preventative options

Blessings and health to all of you!