As Good As Texas, As Sweet As Honey

Honey is an extremely versatile gift from nature. Made from some of the most intriguing creatures in the insect kingdom, and enjoyed by humans for centuries. James and Clodia Jett of Big Creek Farms in Shepherd, Texas have teamed up with Farm To Home to bring you the best Raw Unfiltered Wildflower Honey that East Texas has to offer. 

The Jett's knowledge, experience, and integrity are well founded and available to all to benefit from. We are proud to offer their fascinating craftsmanship which has materialized from a harmonious relationship between their bees and themselves. 

A Few Benefits and Uses of Raw Local Honey:

  • Anti-Viral Properties

  • Anti-Bacterial Properties

  • Anti-Toxic Properties

  • Anti-Allergy Properties

  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties

  • Natural Sweetener Alternative

  • Pro-Biotic Properties

  • Natural Sleep Aid

  • Natural Source for Sustained Energy


Raw Unfiltered East Texas Wildflower Honey


raw unfiltered creamed wildflower honey

available in regular & cinnamon

Great for:

  • cooking

  • baking

  • natural sweetener

  • on fruit

  • alternative to butter or jam

Spreads easily on:

  • biscuits

  • bread/toast

  • bagels

  • veggies

  • baked potatoes

  • squash


raw wildflower honey sticks