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The best Texas has to
offer, delivered to your door.

We know you don't always have the time to make the drive just to get real farm fresh nutrition, so let us bring it to you. Our passion for truth and honesty goes deep into the practices of how our food is prepared, and the affects it has on our health…let us share that passion with you.




Houston & San Antonio Food Delivery Service

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100% Grass-Fed Beef
100% Grass-Fed Lamb
Pasture Raised Chicken
Pasture Raised Pork
Raw Milk Co-op
& much more!


Farm to Home Concept

Why do we offer this home delivery farm product service?

As the alternative to processed foods, farm fresh foods bring more nutrition to your body. With all that goes on with processed food today, thanks to the ingenuity of food chemists and innovative chemical companies, there is so much more we ended up with than we bargained for. Or for that matter, more than we were told. Being honest about nutrition, the source of our food, and how it is raised, is something we personally understand and have experience cultivating. 

We all have our reasons for looking beyond the grocery store:
-the truth we have learned about processed food
-our ideals of what makes sense
-the necessity to remove artificial and unnatural factors that complicate our well being
Whatever the reason behind ditching the industrialized food methods, it can be difficult to successfully move from what is easy and always available at the grocery store to the fresh, yet seasonal and distant, farms that produce honest and wholesome food. 

Everything we do is based upon raising animals responsibly, and treating them humanely. We consider all aspects of the animals health in mind, and overall well being is consistently maintained. Proper nutrition, environmental considerations, and stress prevention are the successful recipe for healthy animals.

It is a really simple concept: the healthier the animals are that we raise, the healthier the food is that we serve on our dinner tables.


Houston & San Antonio Food Delivery Service